Understand Your Rights And Responsibilities

Mālama I Ke Ola Health Center Patient’s Rights & Responsibilities

The Board of Directors and Staff of the Mālama I Ke Ola Health Center would like to welcome you to our health center. We want to inform our patients of their rights and responsibilities during their course of medical care at our clinic location. A schedule of clinic operating hours is posted. All clinics function on an appointment basis and an appointment may be made in person or by calling for the clinic locations. Patients who walk into any clinic without having an appointment will be seen as time permits and circumstances permit. When the clinics are not open, after-hours help may be reached by calling the clinic and using our push button phone system or if in the case of an emergency, you should seek services at the Emergency Room at the Maui Memorial Medical Center. Calls for appointments should be made when our clinic is open for services.
The health care services available to patients include: comprehensive medical care for all age groups, nutrition, assessment & counseling, family planning, hypertension, diabetes, prenatal & child health services, infant and other preventive health services by a physician or nurse.


  • Receive services regardless of their ability to pay. Be treated without regard to income, race, color, religion, age, sex, affection preference, national origin, marital status, medical condition, handicap or status as a veteran.
  • Receive information about the Mālama I Ke Ola Health Center, its services, its practitioners and providers, and your rights and responsibilities.
  • Be treated with respect, recognition of their dignity, right to privacy and security. Protect the confidentiality of member information.
  • Participate with practitioners in all aspects of treatment, care, services and any decision making regarding their health care.
  • A candid discussion of appropriate or medically necessary treatment options for their conditions, regardless of cost or benefit coverage.
  • Voice complaints or appeals about the managed care organization to which they belong, the Mālama I Ke Ola Health Center for the care provided. Be provided with a method of resolving disagreements that may arise as a result over care or treatment decisions.
  • Designate a family member to assist with decisions relating to your healthcare should you become unable to make decisions on your own.


  • Be truthful in giving registration and medical information.
  • Keep appointments or notify the clinic in advance when unable to keep an appointment.
  • Be cooperative and considerate of others in the waiting room and treatment areas.
  • Follow instructions given by their physician or provider to improve their health status.
  • Ask questions if they do not understand instructions given to them or cannot complete their prescribed treatment for some reason.
  • Provide, to the extent possible, information that the Mālama I Ke Ola Health Center or managed care organization, its practitioners and providers need in order to care for them.
  • Follow the plans and instructions for care that they have agreed on with their practitioners.

Mālama I Ke Ola Health Center Has The Right And/Or The Responsibility To:

  • Ask the proper authorities to remove from the clinic patients who are intoxicated, belligerent or a threat to themselves or others.
  • Report known or suspected child abuse, pesticide poisoning, animal bites, gunshot wounds and certain reportable diseases to appropriate agencies as required by law.
  • Respond to any patient who may voice a complaint or make a recommendation for changes to the clinic staff or the clinic administrator.
  • Withdraw from the care of patients who leave the hospital against medical advice, after being admitted by one of the Mālama I Ke Ola Health Center. The patients may not be allowed to return for continued or additional clinic services.
  • Inform the patients of any potential consequences resulting from not complying with a recommended treatment.
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