Mālama I Ke Ola Street Medicine Program

Mālama I Ke Ola Street Medicine Program

Street Medicine serves the homeless community by providing direct medical care on the streets to the unsheltered and often hardest to reach populations. This is a care model focused on delivering care wherever homeless people feel comfortable.

Program Goals:

  • Establish relationships and increased access to care for the un- sheltered homeless community in Lahaina, Kihei, and Kahului. Expansion into Paia and Wailuku in-progress.
  • Reduce the utilization of emergency services
  • Provide early interventions for wound care, treatments for skin conditions, and other common medical needs often seen among the homeless, such as UTIs
  • Reduce hospital admissions and/or length of stay
  • Reduce harm while living unsheltered and improve quality of life

We partnered with Maui Rapid Response (MRR): A group of individual homeless outreach volunteers with established relationships among the homeless, along with Maui Rescue Mission that provides essential resources such as food, water, showers, laundry, and hygiene kits to the homeless.

How Will This Work?

  • CHWs (Clytie & Matt) work with Member Services to assist with Medicaid applications and assist patients with patient intake forms to establish care
  • RN (Charlotte) will provide wound care and coordinate primary care visits via Telehealth with a provider with a same-day ap pointment available or schedule an appointment if the patient has a lower risk of no-showing
  • RN will also provide medical case management and work with a CHW and the patient’s Care Team to provide patient with re sources and care needed to reduce ER visits and hospitalization
  • RN and CHW will coordinate transportation for in-clinic visits, as needed

For more information:

Call or email Risa Yarborough at 871-7772 ext 2725 or email ryarborough@ccmaui.org

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