Transcend Maui

About Us:

Transcend Maui is the transgender primary care clinic available to all transgender and gender non-conforming patients of Mālama I Ke Ola Health Center. As a community health center, Mālama I Ke Ola embraces the belief that all people of the community of Maui deserve access to competent and compassionate health care, irrespective of gender identity or sexual orientation.  It is our aim to provide a safe and gender affirming space where our patients can receive care in an integrated manner.

Our Team:

Transcend Maui is made up of a multidisciplinary team that represent members in our patient’s experience from making an appointment, checking in, and all the way to check out.

Our team members are listed beside each step you are likely to meet them at, in the “Your Journey With Us” section.

Our Services:

  • Your care at Transcend Maui will include:
  • Behavioral health services to address issues such as gender dysphoria, managing mood, substance use, social transitioning, health behavior change related to your transition, and to co-create a personalized transition plan.
  • Medical care to address primary care and preventive care issues.
  • Medical treatment for hormonal therapy to aid in physical transition.
  • HIV treatment and prevention (including PrEP) services.
  • STI testing and treatment.
  • Referral to community partners for social support groups.
  • Referral and supporting paperwork to surgeons performing gender affirming surgery.
  • Support letters for gender marker and name change and referral to appropriate legal advisors.

 Your Journey With Us:

We would like to provide each of our patients with careful and holistic care at Transcend Maui. Your experience will be as follows:

1) Making an appointment:

Please call our Transcend Maui Hotline at 808-872-4087. They will help you make an Intake Appointment.

  • Harriette –  Call Center representative

 2) Prepare for your Intake Appointment:

It will be useful for us to obtain your past medical records and past prescriptions before your Intake Appointment. You can do this by stopping by the front desk at our OOKA location and signing a Release Of Information (ROI) form to obtain your previous medical records.

All information provided to us is held in strict confidence according to HIPPA (Health Information Protability and Accountability Act) standards.

 3) Your first appointment will be with one of Transcend Maui’s psychologists for an intake and initial assessment:

This appointment is to gather information about you and your goals for transition and/or treatment; to assess for things such as gender dysphoria or special needs related to factors such as HIV status; and address any necessary issues related to mood, substance use, behavior, or social functioning that may interfere with your treatment goals.

The purpose of this assessment is to help us better understand and support your specific needs, identify any concerns you may have related to transitioning or treatment, and review information important for you to fully consent to treatment.

This intake appointment does not determine IF you receive treatment, only how best we as a team can PROVIDE and SUPPORT your treatment. This appointment will take about an hour.

  • Lolly – Front Desk representative
  • Dr. Nead – Primary Care Psychologist

4) Your second appointment will be with a medical provider:

This is an appointment for you to meet your medical provider who will collect a medical history, review the information collected in your initial intake appointment and from any of your previous medical records, and perform a relevant and respectful physical exam.

If you have never been prescribed hormones by a medical provider before, your medical provider will also order some baseline blood work for you to do before your next medical visit.

  • Lolly – Front Desk representative
  • Dr. Vaz – Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Physician
  • Dr. Simonson – Pediatrician
  • Jill – RN Adult Medicine
  • Kareen – RN Pediatrics
  • Sasy – Adult Medical Assistant
  • Eddie – Adult Medical Assistant

5) Your third appointment will be a follow-up with your medical provider:

Your medical provider will review your blood work. At this visit, you and your provider may initiate hormone therapy. Hormones are prescribed in consultation with you and at the discretion of your medical provider.

Transcend Maui aims to provide hormone prescriptions at the safest initial doses as well as safe increases in dosage.

6) Referral for preventive cancer screenings:

An important aspect of your health may be screenings for cancers of the cervix, breast, and colon. Our trans-competent staff aims to provide you with these screenings in safe and gender-affirming environments.

  • Lolly – Front Desk representative
  • Heather – Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife
  • Michelle – RN OB GYN
  • Denise – Medical Assistant

7) Referral to dental services:

Oral health is a cornerstone of health in all people. Transcend Maui may refer you to our trans-competent dental team to help you maintain your oral health.


8) Future Medical Visits:

At future medical visits, your medical provider will continue to provide medical care for transition as well as other relevant care for chronic medical conditions. You will also follow up with our behavioral health providers as needed to provide ongoing support for all aspects of your transition and/or treatment.

9) Patient Navigation:

Our licensed clinical social worker, Bethany Hicks,  will assist you in navigating through services that make up your care plan (e.g. pharmacy, labs, specialist referrals, health insurance etc.).

The first transgender suicide hotline is now up and running in the U.S. You can reach TRANS LIFELINE at 877-656-8860

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